INI Faculty

Dena Haritos TsamitisDena Haritos Tsamitis bio | email

Director, INI
INI Building
Interest areas: Cybersecurity education, distributed education

Rajeev GandhiMartin Carlisle email

Director of Academic Affairs, INI; Teaching Professor, INI
INI Building
Interest areas: Computer security, computer science education
INI academic advisor: MSIN

Nicolas ChristinNicolas Christin bioemail

Associate Research Professor, ISR, EPP
#2202, Collaborative Innovation Center
Interest areas: Security of computers and information systems
INI academic advisor: Kobe MSIT-IS

Limin JiaLimin Jia bio | email

Assistant Research Professor, INI, ECE
#2216, Collaborative Innovation Center
Interest areas: formal aspects of security
INI academic advisor: MSISTM/MSIS

Greg Kesden  Gregory Kesden email

  Associate Teaching Professor, INI 
  INI Building
  Interest areas: Software systems
  INI academic advisor: MSIN

Patrick TaguePatrick Tague bio | email

Assoc. Director, INI; Assoc. Research Professor, INI, ECE
#218, Building 23, Silicon Valley Campus
Interest areas: Network security for wireless networks
INI academic advisor: MSIT-IS

Pei ZhangPei Zhang bio | email

Associate Research Professor, INI, CyLab, ECE
#222, Building 23, Silicon Valley Campus
Interest areas: Distributed sensing and processing
INI academic advisor: MSIT-MOB

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Interdisciplinary Faculty

The INI builds on the collaborative and interdisciplinary culture of Carnegie Mellon, one of the most technologically sophisticated campuses in the world.

The INI faculty are drawn from the following institutions:

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