The Master of Science in Information Security (MSIS) degree offers a technical focus in security and computer systems, further developed through research opportunities. Graduates may pursue doctoral degrees or obtain positions as security experts equipped to manage the emerging complexities associated with securing data, networks and systems. 

Pittsburgh: Emerging Tech City 

Pittsburgh is quickly becoming the nation's next great innovation hub, with top companies like Google, Uber, Disney and Facebook expanding to the Steel City. Over the two-year MSIS program, students immerse themselves in campus life at Carnegie Mellon and the rich, cultural experience of living in Pittsburgh. In addition to a customizable curriculum, there is ample opportunity to participate in research/development projects through campus partnerships with organizations like CyLab, the largest university-based cybersecurity and privacy research and education institute in the U.S. 

Customizable Curriculum 

Cyber Operations Certificate (Cyber Ops) 

Complementing the INI's cyber defense curriculum, the Cyber Ops certificate focuses on cyber offense. It is aligned with the NSA's Cyber Operations requirements and the curriculum also meets MSIS degree requirements. 

Cyber Forensics and Incident Response Track (CyFIR Track) 

The CyFIR track is a sequence of courses leading to a certificate from the CERT division at Carnegie Mellon's Software Engineering Institute. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate from this program gain:

  • An ability to explain the information security challenges in networks and software systems
  • An ability to perform risk assessment and management of development, acquisition and evolution of secure infrastructure
  • An ability to design and implement networked, software and distributed systems with information security in mind
  • An ability to explain the technical, business, management, policy aspects of information security

The 144 units of the INI's graduate programs are traditionally completed over the course of two academic years. Options for accelerating this schedule may be available. All students are required to successfully complete an INI-approved internship. 

This graduate degree program meets the criteria for the NSF-funded CyberCorps® Scholarship for Service Program (SFS). Upon admission to the INI, U.S. citizens may be eligible for a full scholarship and stipend from the federal government. 

Looking for the MSISTM? You have found the right place. The MSIS was previously called the Master of Science in Information Security Technology and Management, or MSISTM. The program now goes by the shorter name, as of the 2014 fall semester. 

MSIS MS28 Academic Advisor

Limin Jia

Limin Jia

Assistant Research Professor

Office: 2216, Collaborative Innovation Center
Telephone: (412) 268-4605

MSIS MS29 Academic Advisor

Martin Carlisle

Martin Carlisle

Director of Academic Affairs, INI; Teaching Professor, INI

Office: INI Building
Telephone: (412) 268-7899

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