Quick Guide to Applying to the INI Graduate Programs

This guide lists all the documents required in order for your application to be considered complete by the INI admissions office. If you are missing any of the documents listed below, your application cannot be reviewed for admission.

Application Deadlines

  • January 15 deadline for Pittsburgh, bicoastal, EM2 programs
  • January 6 deadline for Kobe dual-degree program
  • May 30 deadline for Kobe single-degree program

Online Application

Application Guidelines

  1. A completed online application form (all sections filled out)
  2. Application fee (pay by credit card or check)
  3. Three letters of recommendation (online submission only) - Details
  4. Statement of Purpose (completed in the online application; uploading is not an option) - Details
  5. Resume (all applicants should submit one)
  6. Transcripts (from all post secondary institutions attended whether a degree was obtained or not. - Details
  7. Official GRE General Test score report*
    • ETS Report codes: institution code #2074 (Carnegie Mellon U), department code #0404 (Information Sciences)
  8. Official TOEFL score report* (required of all applicants for whom English is not their native language/mother tongue) - Details
    • ETS Report codes: institution code #2074, Department (no department is required, but you may use 99 "unspecified department" if necessary).

* ETS reports must be sent to the INI using the codes provided above. Due to the volume of applications that need to be processed, the INI will no longer contact other departments to retrieve misdirected reports.

The only supplemental documents that must be sent to the INI in support of your application are the ETS reports, which must be ordered through ETS to be considered official.

The INI no longer requires applicants to the Pittsburgh and bicoastal programs (MSIN, MSIS and MSIT programs) to submit hard copy transcripts for the review. Only applicants who are admitted and accept enrollment in the INI will be asked to send their official transcripts. Transcripts sent to the INI without the request of the admissions staff will not receive acknowledgment of delivery.

Financial document should not be sent either. All financial information must be entered or uploaded to the online form in order to receive funding consideration.

Applicants to the Kobe dual-degree MSIT-IS program should send their documents to the University of Hyogo using the address provided in the online application and in the "Apply" section of the program description.

There are two rounds of reviews for the Pittsburgh and bicoastal programs. The first round is conducted immediately following the application deadline, January 15, and all applications that are submitted and complete by this date will be included in the first round. All applications that have been submitted online by the January 15 deadline but are still missing supplemental documents, such as transcripts, test scores and recommendation letters that are required to complete the application, will be reviewed in the second round in March on a space-available basis.

Note: International applicants must include financial support information in their application as part of their submission. There are fields to identify your sponsor and the amount of support they will offer. Applicants may also upload a letter providing information about who their sponsor is and how much support they will offer. A sample letter with instructions is linked in the application form. No specific amount of funding is necessary to show, the INI is only seeking general demonstration of ability to cover costs. Applicants who do not provide funding information as requested may not be considered for financial assistance even if they answer "yes" to that question in the application.

If you are admitted, please note that you will need to send additional support documents for processing of the I-20 or DS-2019 Certificates.



  1. Only the three recommenders identified online will be considered. Additional recommendations sent as hard copies or emailed to the INI admissions staff will not be considered.

Statement of Purpose (SOP):

1. The statement of purpose can no longer be uploaded; it must be completed online. Answers must be detailed; single-sentence responses or short responses will render the SOP incomplete and the application will not be reviewed.


Applicants upload their transcripts to the online application. The transcripts submitted with the application do not need to be official; however, if admitted, the INI will require official transcripts and proof of completion to be submitted by the end of July. Admitted applicants who accept enrollment will receive a formal request for official transcripts.

TOEFL Scores:

  1. Applicants who are non-native English speakers may only be considered for a TOEFL waiver if they attended and completed a four-year undergraduate program at a U.S. university in the U.S.
  2. Applicants who are non-native English speakers who are attending a graduate program in the U.S. may submit old TOEFL reports (official or unofficial). The admissions committee will determine whether a new TOEFL is required based on the original score and consideration of the number of years the applicant has been studying in the U.S.

Unrequested Supplemental Documents:

  1. All technical and other certificates should be listed on your resume as the INI will no longer accept photocopies of such documents. Research projects should be addressed in the Statement of Purpose question on the online application. Hard copies of research summaries also will no longer be accepted.

Proving Programming Skills:

  1. Requested descriptions of C, C++ or Java programming experience must provide in-depth information about an applicant's skill with the relevant language. The description should identify a project or class and the solution used by the applicant. Short responses that provide no significant detail will be considered insufficient. The applicant will be marked as not having the necessary experience and will not be considered for admission.

Data Structures Requirements:

  1. Applicants must identify a course in data structures in the application form where requested.

  2. Applicants who identify a course that does not have “data structures” in the course title on their transcript must provided an official university syllabus of the course they have identified as covering the subject matter. The course description cannot be written by the applicant but must be a soft-copy document that is produced and posted by the University or the faculty member who taught the course. Applicants must first obtain permission from the INI to submit a course description from the professor who taught the course.

Applicant's Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all required information on the program application and to submit all requested supporting documents in the manner stated on the INI website or requested by the Admissions Staff.

An application may remain "Incomplete" if required documents are not received in the INI office, or are not submitted in the proper manner. Applications not completed by the posted deadline will remain incomplete.

The admissions staff makes every effort to assist applicants in completing their submission, however, the INI does not accept responsibility for documents that are missing or are improperly submitted resulting in an application remaining incomplete and unreviewed.

An Important Note About Contacting the INI

Applicants awaiting review may not contact the INI faculty or staff other than the admissions staff managing the application submission. Applications may be removed from consideration if applicants make any attempt to discuss their application with INI/CMU personnel or faculty other than the admissions staff or submit additional documents or information after the application deadlines in order to gain an advantage in the review process. All documents and information to be considered in the review process must be submitted by the given deadlines.

The application form and supporting documents are all that are required to make a fair assessment of each applicant's qualifications. If additional information is required, the applicant will be notified.


Please see the individual program pages for details on each program: