Student Life

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Research and Student Projects

Students often make significant contributions to faculty research and become adept at working both in academic research and in more career-applicable areas of information networking, information security, and mobility.

The INI tests its students’ capabilities in this area by offering the opportunity to work individually or as a group on the Graduate Project. Projects simulate a "real-world" working environment and focus on creating feasible solutions to actual problems of a potential client.

Students are encouraged to examine the problem, organize and manage their group, and apply the knowledge they have gained to independently develop innovative solutions. It has been shown that this project format is conducive not only to fostering skills necessary to compete in the IT industry, but also to developing various creative and novel solutions to industry problems.

Student Events

INI students look forward to getting together at these annual events:

  • INI Orientation
  • Thanksgiving Potluck
  • WINI Spring Reception
  • GOINI Picnic
  • INI Graduation Ceremony
  • Carnegie Mellon Commencement Ceremony

Check the Flickr gallery for snapshots of these events.

Student Organizations

Women@INI (WINI), established by the INI in 2005, is a student-run organization to help female students form a community and take advantage of career and networking opportunities for women. Graduate Organization@INI (GOINI), its broader-based counterpart, gives all INI students a chance to take leadership positions and engage in INI social and community activities.

Student concerns are coordinated by the Student Activities Council and the Graduate Student Assembly, two additional organizations where INI students can make a difference and meet others within the student body.

Diverse Student Body

Students at the INI reflect diverse backgrounds and cultures, and the INI offers a supportive environment for minority, international and female students. Approximately 20 percent of the university's student body is international, and there are several student organizations for students from various cultures. Carnegie Mellon runs the Intercultural Communication Center where non-native speakers can improve their English language skills free of charge.

For More Student Life Information

For more information about student life at Carnegie Mellon, visit Carnegie Mellon's Division of Student Affairs website.