Finding an Apartment

Apartment hunting in Pittsburgh is generally not difficult. Most students easily find a suitable place to live; however, the earlier you secure a place to live, the better. Housing is most abundant during the summer.

Visit the Housing Services site for listings of available apartments in and around Carnegie Mellon.

Neighborhoods Near Carnegie Mellon

Because Carnegie Mellon is an urban campus, there are abundant housing options within walking distance of the campus. Most students opt to live along the Fifth Avenue corridor, primarily in the area of Shadyside bounded by Fifth Avenue, Morewood Avenue, Center Avenue and Highland Avenue--Center and Highland being the furthest from campus. In addition, many students find affordable and comfortable housing in the Oakland and Squirrel Hill neighborhoods. See the City of Pittsburgh Portal for additional information about Pittsburgh neighborhoods and neighborhood events.

Housing in the heart of the Oakland residential and business district, beginning at Bigelow Boulevard and traveling west toward downtown, is generally an area occupied by University of Pittsburgh undergraduates and fraternity and sorority houses.

Transitional Housing

For international graduate students visiting Pittsburgh to begin apartment hunting, transitional housing is available on campus for a short period.

Please note that there is no guarantee of accommodations, and you will need to register prior to your arrival.

To register for transitional housing, visit the Housing Services' Transitional Housing website.

Temporary Housing

For students who will be in Pittsburgh before August, you may register for temporary summer housing through Conference Services. Temporary housing is available from May 21 to July 31. To learn more about temporary housing, visit Carnegie Mellon's Community Housing website

While students may find temporary or transitional housing through Housing Services, be aware that you may have to take accommodations in one of the local hotels until you find an apartment. There are several hotels located in the Oakland and Shadyside neighborhoods.