Guide for International Students

If you are an international student (non-US citizen) thinking of applying to the INI, or have already been admitted to one of our programs, this section is a resource to guide you through the process. We welcome you and hope this page will prove helpful and informative.

International students are a valuable component of the INI and the wider Carnegie Mellon community, enriching campus life and the academic experience. While the opportunities for international and U.S. students are primarily the same, there are some additional tasks international students must undertake in applying, transitioning and attending a graduate program in the U.S.

This section has been created to assist by answering some questions international students have raised, and to provide some insight into INI policies and expectations. Our hope is that this will better prepare you on your road into, and through, the INI programs and life at CMU.

However, this section does not address everything you need to know as an international student. For a comprehensive overview, please visit the websites of: