The tuition rate for students entering INI programs in Fall 2017 has been established at $23,000 per semester. (Note: the part-time tuition rate is $639 per unit.)  Each year, the tuition is set in the spring for the class entering in the following fall. Tuition for a student's second fall semester will likely increase in accordance with the tuition increase for the new academic year.

Students will be charged tuition per semester for each semester in which they are enrolled. Therefore, students who complete their program by the end of the second fall are charged for three semesters (Fall I, Spring I, and Fall II), while students who complete their program by the end of the second spring are charged for four (Fall I, Spring II, Fall II, and Spring II). Summer courses, if taken, are charged additional tuition. The length of the program varies depending on students' participation in internships and research projects.

Please note, students may accrue additional tuition charges if they have to retake courses or elect to take courses outside of the general curriculum.

Estimated Additional Expenses for Graduate Students at the INI as of July 2017
(from The Hub)

Per Academic Year
PAT Fee (public transit)
$210 ($105/semester)
Health Insurance (estimated)
Activity Fee
$214 ($107/semester)
Technology Fee
$410 ($205/semester)
Personal/Miscellaneous $2,496

The Carnegie Mellon University "Financial Statement," which must be completed by all foreign students, reflects the minimum estimated cost for a Carnegie Mellon graduate student.


In addition to tuition, students are assessed additional fees by Carnegie Mellon to pay for access to the public transit, student activities such as the Graduate Student Organization, and a technology fee. Students will be assessed these fees even after they have completed their tuition payments.

*Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory for all students. The estimated expense listed above is based on an individual student plan. 

A foreign student who is married and whose spouse and children are in the United States with him/her is required to purchase the family plan health insurance. The current estimated cost for the family standard plan is $6,047.00 per year (2017-18, Student Health Insurance Policy).

The health insurance rates listed are estimates only; the actual cost of student health insurance is set annually. Anyone enrolling in the university health insurance plan must pay the full premium at the time of registration.

All tuition bills include a charge for the least expensive of all the health insurance plans offered. Students who already have health insurance comparable to the plans offered by Carnegie Mellon may submit a waiver form and have the charge removed from their tuition. Students may also upgrade their health insurance plan if they desire more coverage. See the Health Services website for more information about insurance.

Billing & Payment

All admitted students who return a Graduate Student Data Sheet to the INI to accept the admission offer are entered into the Carnegie Mellon Student Services System (S3). This system is the basis for class registration and tuition billing, among other online services.

The tuition billing and payment process for all INI students are handled centrally by Enrollment Services (The Hub). For more information on the university billings and payment process, please refer to the Billing and Payments section on The Hub's website.

Students who receive tuition scholarships through the INI will not receive these funds directly. The INI will apply the tuition scholarship to the student's account.