Mira AngelovaMira Angelova

Director of Business Operations

Mira is responsible for the day-to-day operations at the INI in the areas of finance, payroll, human resources, and building management. Through her management responsibilities, Mira has an awareness of all programs and special projects happening at the INI. Additionally, she ensures the INI graduate programs undergo routine assessments for quality. 

Mira was honored at the 2013 CIT Staff Recognition Awards with the Spirit Award for her enthusiasm at the INI and dedication to the broader Carnegie Mellon community.

Mira completed a graduate program in arts management with a focus on technology and information systems at the Heinz School, and later earned an MBA at the Tepper School. With her Carnegie Mellon background, Mira can easily relate to the INI students both during their studies and after graduation.

INI Interests

"I enjoy the opportunity to be part of both the everyday operations and the strategic decision-making process. Most of all, I enjoy the INI people. I think we have an outstanding team. I feel that I can handle any sort of emergency with the support I have from my colleagues."

INI & CMU Favorites

"I have good memories of the INI and Carnegie Mellon, but I think my favorite ones are still to come. Both the INI and Carngie Mellon are exceptional organizations that have much to offer. I am thrilled to be part of them."

Recommendations to Students

"Take full advantage of what Carnegie Mellon and the INI have to offer. This is a unique opportunity to explore. If you think you want to do data research and analysis, try strategic management; if you want to study networks security, take some finance courses. You may find you have strengths in an area you had not considered, or you may gain a new perspective in your area of expertise. The multidisciplinary approach to studying issues is perhaps Carnegie Mellon’s strongest advantage."