Mobility Research

CyLab Mobility Research Center

Mobility Research - GloveIn the heart of Silicon Valley, an innovative research center studies cell phones, smart phones, notebook computers, and similar mechanisms: the mobile device. This unique, multidisciplinary center combines cutting-edge research and education with strong industry connections.

As the study of mobility becomes a growing trend, CyLab Mobility Research Center, located on the Silicon Valley campus, opens up research opportunities for students from both Pittsburgh and the Silicon Valley. Researchers study how people use mobile devices in their careers, during leisure time, to shop, and to collaborate with others, focusing on how new mobility devices and services change these people's lives.

The Center combines the strengths of Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute (INI), Carnegie Mellon CyLab, and the university’s software engineering, human-computer interaction, networking, security, robotics, and open source software expertise. The Center's objective is to focus on practical research that can be applied to industry.

"Mobile devices, networks and technologies are rapidly overshadowing their PC-era counterparts," said Bob Iannucci, Director of the CyLab Mobility Research Center. "This is ushering in a world of connected computing, sensing, information sharing, augmented-reality interaction, gaming, and m-commerce. This new world brings many challenging technical problems including the need for ultra-low-power operation, more robust and flexible approaches to information security, and inherently-mobile ways by which humans can interact with information. At the CyLab Mobility Research Center, we are creating technologies and systems aimed at accelerating the arrival of this mobile computing future."

The lab also complements the INI's Master of Science in Information Technology – Mobility program, as well as the research-intensive Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. programs.

"In designing the bi-coastal research program and PhD. we have chosen our Silicon Valley campus as a primary focus to complement the broad academic strengths of Pittsburgh because it is located in the center of a rich ecosystem of mobility startups, established companies and industrial research labs," said Martin Griss, Director of Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley and Associate Dean of the College of Engineering. "We are only minutes from companies working on different aspects of mobility, such as Accenture, Bosch, Cisco, Google, Facebook, HP and Honda."

Several hand-held manufacturers are working with Carnegie Mellon CyLab to improve mobile applications. The research conducted at the Center will no doubt shed light on how users interact with mobile devices and will influence the next-generation of platforms and services.