Opportunity Knocks

Five INI Students Receive Scholarships and Internships

Lockheed Martin is awarding five scholarships to students at the Information Networking Institute, who will also participate in a summer internship program with the global security company.

The scholarship recipients - Arik Misler, Vamsee Kandimalla, Gen Kazama, Bryan Thiry, and Rich Yueh - are all first-year graduate students in programs related to information security. Each of them shared a few words of reflection about their decision to pursue graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon:

On career paths:

GenGen Kazama, MS in Information Technology-Software Management (MSIT-SM), from New York, NY.

"I am obviously interested in computer science due to my studies, but I am also interested in the integration of computer science within the financial world. … Hopefully, my studies in the following semesters and my summer internship at Lockheed Martin will give me a clear direction to pursue for my career after the INI."

ArikArik Misler, MS in Information Technology-Software Management (MSIT-SM), from Johnstown, PA.

"My career interests are not solidified but are constantly being cultivated by Carnegie Mellon's diverse environment. This will only be further developed during my time at Lockheed Martin. The career goal that remains constant in my life is the pursuit of new and interesting challenges to take on, especially in situations where I can continue to learn, as well as share my knowledge and ideas in order to create something new and innovative."

BryanBryan Thiry, MS in Information Technology-Information Security (MSIT-IS), from Winchester, KY.

"I'm interested in the prospect of supporting the information security and assurance efforts of the world's largest defense contractor. Lockheed Martin provides the opportunity to apply my area of study to aid in real, large-scale security efforts. … After the INI, I see myself as a security professional with a strong information assurance skill set, hopefully in a position to use such skills to make a significant contribution to our nation's ongoing information security efforts."

On choosing Carnegie Mellon:

RichRich Yueh, MS in Information Technology-Software Management (MSIT-SM), from St. Louis, MO.

"Aside from its great reputation and academic advantages, the major factor in my decision to go to Carnegie Mellon was the bi-coastal INI program. It was very appealing to have the opportunity to study at the main campus of Carnegie Mellon and then spend a few months at the Silicon Valley campus, immersed in the heart of all the action."

VamseeVamsee Kandimalla, MS in Information Technology-Mobility (MSIT-MOB), from San Jose, CA.

"I chose Carnegie Mellon because I felt that the level of academic achievement is unparalleled to other institutions. The amount of innovation and passion present sets a benchmark particularly in the field of engineering — the accomplishments made speak for themselves. The opportunities available to us are abundant and the career services work very hard for our placement. It's just the entire all-around package that interested me about this school, not to mention the wonderful scholarships."

Congratulations, scholarship recipients!