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Student Life:

An Eye on Haiti's Future

After Haiti's massive earthquake hit on January 12, 2010, all eyes turned to the small nation. From the Virginia Tech campus, Benoit Bernadel watched the catastrophe in his home country unfold as news channels delivered panoramas of ruin, ranging from shopping districts to the presidential palace. "Everything was at a distance," Bernadel recalled. But this feeling was deceptive. The event would indeed redirect the course of his life in the following months.

Finding a Grad School that Fits

Omotunwase Olubayo (MS22), who goes by Wase ("wa-shey"), is a first-year graduate student who describes the INI as a "good community of people." His favorite class has been Applied Information Assurance with CERT instructors, Rich Nolan and Chris May. In it, students complete incident response exercises, where they are presented with a fictitious cyber attack, and they must work in teams to determine what the problem is and how it happened. Wase would like a career in information security, ideally cyber forensics, and Carnegie Mellon's offerings are the perfect fit.

Cyber Sleuthing at the INI

Take a peek at a day in the life of our information security students in Carnegie Mellon Today, the university's alumni magazine. In "Crime Stoppers," readers are treated to a snapshot of the cybersecurity field and a play-by-play account of our team's win at the Shirahama Cyber Crime Symposium.

Internship Leads to Apple Job Offer

One INI student returned to campus this fall beaming from an amazing summer internship with Apple that culminated in a job offer from the computing giant.

Life at the INI

As you walk towards Carnegie Mellon’s campus, you will certainly notice the 100-foot sculpture that towers over the students who play Frisbee below it. You may also notice a small group of onlookers staring up as the seven figures who march towards the clouds. Two of these onlookers will be holding hands, and one will be arching his back to see the furthest of the seven sky-bound travelers.

Student Organizations:

Student Orgs: More than a Social Outlet

INI students find no shortage of social events and extra-curricular activities on campus. At a school as innovative as Carnegie Mellon, many of the events that take place outside of the classroom are as valuable and memorable as the ones experienced from the seat of a desk.


Confronting One-Click Fraud

The international research community applauds the work of an INI team and their extensive research on one-click fraud in Japan. The team is led by Nicolas Christin, associate director of the INI, faculty member of the INI and ECE, and systems scientist at CyLab, and includes Sally Yanagihara (MS20) and Keisuke Kamataki (Machine Learning Department). One-click fraud is an increasing problem in Japan, despite targeted efforts by policy makers and law enforcement, according to Dr. Christin.

That CERTain Feeling

INI students solidify interest in digital forensics through CERT internships.

Privacy and Security Research

CUPS is a CyLab-affiliated lab that brings together Carnegie Mellon researchers to collaborate on issues related to privacy and security software and systems.

Mobility Research

As the study of mobility becomes a growing trend, CyLab Mobility Research Center, located on the Silicon Valley campus, opens up research opportunities for students from both Pittsburgh and the Silicon Valley.

The Creation of Wi-Fi- Wireless Andrew

Dr. Alex Hills, and fellow Information Networking Institute (INI) researchers, did not set out to turn Carnegie Mellon into the world’s first wireless campus, however, that is precisely what happened. In 1994, partnering with AT&T, the INI began its Wireless Research Initiative to develop a wireless local-area network system. The initial concept was to cover sections of select Carnegie Mellon buildings with radio-frequency transmissions, creating a wireless mobile computing-laboratory. Soon the southwestern corner of campus was fully connected, and Dr. Hills began to rethink the scope of the project. If the methodology they used could cover a section of campus, then surely it could cover the whole of Carnegie Mellon.

INI Stories:

Opportunity Knocks

Lockheed Martin is awarding five scholarships to students at the Information Networking Institute, who will also participate in a summer internship program with the global security company.

New Track Delves into Forensics

In Fall 2009, the INI will launch the Forensics Track to educate top talent in the cyber security field on how to conduct forensically sound digital investigations. It will be an option for students in Pittsburgh who are enrolled in either the Master of Science in Information Networking program or the Master of Science in Information Security Technology Management program.

Facilities: The DEC Classrooms

The INI Distributed Education Center in the Collaborative Innovation Center (DEC@CIC) and the INI Distributed Education Center on Henry Street (DEC@Henry) in the INI building are unique distance-learning classrooms that allow INI students to interact with faculty and fellow students across the world. Importantly, the DEC classrooms make it possible for INI students located at international partner institutions in Greece, Japan and Portugal to earn degrees from Carnegie Mellon.

Information Security Scholarship Offers Career Boost

The Scholarship for Service (SFS) program is an attractive option in information security for American engineering and computer science grads—a tuition-free way to broaden skills and open up amazing job opportunities. U.S. citizens who enter the INI's master's program in Information Security Technology and Management (MSISTM) may be eligible.