INI Alumnus Presents at Security Conference

August 04, 2014

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Xiaoran Wang (MS22) is among the presenters at Black Hat USA 2014, a popular conference for information security professionals that will take place this week in Las Vegas. Having completed his graduate program at the INI in 2012, Wang is now a product security engineer at Salesforce. He will present the talk titled, "RAVAGE: Runtime Analysis of Vulnerabilities and Generation of Exploits" with another Salesforce security professional, Yoel Gluck.

The presenters will discuss Ravage, a tool for detecting vulnerabilities, and will describe how to use it for both offensive and defensive purposes. They plan to open source the tool for Java and to provide design documentation at the conference.

"I would like to see the Black Hat community taking this knowledge and implementing such tools for other languages," said Wang.

Wang has a passion for information security and writes a security blog. "Security is a less mature field than general software engineering, but that opens up a lot of opportunities," he said. "There are always new things you can find vulnerable and also defenses to implement that other people haven't done before."

Wang will not be the only Black Hat presenter with ties to the INI. Former faculty member Chenxi Wang and INI alumnus Anmol Misra will be among the information security presenters at Codenomicon, a gathering at the House of Blues Music Hall on August 5. The Black Hat website gives full details, schedules and a list of presentations.

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