INI Student To Become Privacy Engineer

April 28, 2014

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As the spring semester nears its end, graduating students at the Information Networking Institute (INI) have some exciting job prospects ahead. After graduation, Ruchir Patwa will join Google as a privacy engineer.

"The major responsibility of the role is to design and develop systems that prevent the misuse of users' data that is stored by Google," explained Patwa, who is graduating in May from the Pittsburgh-Silicon Valley Master of Science in Information Technology – Information Security program. Patwa will also work on future products to ensure they comply with the company's data access policies.

Patwa accepted Google's offer after a thorough job search that put him in contact with numerous recruiters. He also explored the possibility of working for the Mobile Security Team at Samsung, where he had completed a summer internship. He knew better than to blindly accept the most competitive offer. He asked his interviewers many questions with the goal of finding a job that was a good fit for him personally. He is pleased about the end result and looks forward to his future.Ruchir Patwa, in Silicon Valley

"Most of the projects I did in various courses at CMU proved to be an interesting point of discussion during interviews. Also, a lot of the skills that were required for the technical interviews I had acquired from courses at CMU," Patwa reflected. "I really felt the bicoastal nature of my program really helped me. Taking the best courses from various departments while in Pittsburgh and meeting people from the industry, visiting companies, attending (and winning) hackathons, along with more courses at the Silicon Valley campus is the perfect combination one can hope for."

"The biggest influence CMU has had on my career goals is that I would not have even imagined working at Google or applying for a post at Google if I was not at CMU," said Patwa. "CMU gave me the courage and confidence to aim high and also the skills to achieve my dreams."