New Officers Elected to Lead WINI

August 09, 2013

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The Women@INI (WINI) student organization elected new officers recently in preparation for the upcoming academic year. Meghna Lav will be the WINI chair located at the Pittsburgh campus. Devika Nair Syama, Xinfeng Le and Swati Singh will be co-chairs at the Silicon Valley campus. All of the chairs are second-year students (MS24) at the INI.

Each year, WINI plays host to a variety of professional development workshops, social events and outreach activities. The INI encourages students to participate in these activities as a way to enhance their graduate education and strengthen their leadership and communication skills.

The organization's staff coordinator is also new this year. Jessica Becker, enrollment services coordinator at the INI, is assuming the additional role of WINI staff coordinator after successfully guiding Graduate Organization@INI (GOINI) for two years. The previous WINI staff coordinator, Jamie Lehneke, was recently promoted to director of enrollment and student services at the INI.

Founded in 2005, WINI spans two campuses, both Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley, in order to include the INI students in the bicoastal MSIT programs who spend half of their programs studying and working in the Silicon Valley region. The co-chairs at Silicon Valley will help to maintain activities on the West Coast that are the same or similar to what the Pittsburgh students enjoy.

WINI members lead various initiatives, including the sponsorship of several students to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, a major annual conference that takes place every fall. The new officers will help to grow and enhance the organization.

Pictured above: WINI Spring Reception 2013