Diversity Magazine Features INI Director and Student

May 23, 2013

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The summer issue of Diversity/Careers in Engineering and Information Technology Magazine offers a focus on college and shines a spotlight on two members of the INI's community, INI Director Dena Haritos Tsamitis and recent graduate Trenton Johnson. In an article on graduate school titled "IT and CS grad students prepare for leadership roles," the director describes the diverse student body at the INI.

"Grad students at the INI come from Benin, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand, as well as the U.S.," said Dr. Tsamitis for the magazine article.

She also emphasized the importance of supporting gender diversity in engineering programs, which have been traditionally male-dominated, and mentioned the fellowship and mentoring program the INI offers in partnership with the Alta Associates' Executive Women's Forum (EWF).

From the INI's Class of 2013, Trenton Johnson is highlighted in the article for his pursuit of the Master of Science in Information Technology-Mobility (MSIT-MOB). The program offers a bicoastal structure that requires students to spend time at both the main campus in Pittsburgh and the Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View, Calif.

"In the bicoastal program, I have the opportunity to build practical software engineering experience and to collaborate with a strong network of industry professionals in the heart of high-tech innovation," said Johnson, in reference to the hands-on learning offered through the bicoastal programs, such as the practicum projects that allow students to complete real-world projects for clients like Google, NASA, Adobe and others.

"My classes have included a delicious gumbo of CS and general tech topics. I have taken courses on parallel computing, data visualization, iPad development, web application development, creating electronic gadgets that use exotic sensors and machine learning," Johnson added, who will work for IBM's Watson Solutions team as a software engineer after graduation.

See the full text of the articles in the Summer/Fall issue of Diversity/Careers, pages 58-60.

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