INI Graduates Plan for 'Next Steps'

May 17, 2012

The INI's diploma ceremony on May 20, 2012 will mark the end of both grueling late nights and heartfelt memories, and the beginning of a new chapter for each graduating student. Whether it be joining the professional workforce, continuing on in doctoral programs, or going on to serve the nation, the next steps for this year's graduating class are impressive as always.

The INI has students joining the teams of Apple, Boeing, Intel, Microsoft, NetApp, VMware and many others. Some of these 'others' include on-the-rise startup companies.

"Currently, I'm wrapping up my thesis work on shingled magnetic recording," INI student Anand Suresh said. "After graduation I'll be headed to California to work at a startup called RockMelt." RockMelt, based in Mountain View, Calif., is working to provide a better Web experience by reimagining the browser and how the Internet is used today.

INI student Devika Yeragudipati will also be traveling to California, about 45 minutes north of Mountain View to San Francisco, where she will join the security team at Adobe Systems. Both of these students have about a month's time between graduation and beginning work, during which Anand plans to possibly do some hiking in Yosemite and travelling to see friends and family, whereas Devika also has travelling plans with her family.

The INI also has one graduate in the Information Assurance Scholarship Program and eight who are Scholarship for Service recipients, who will serve the nation at national laboratories and federal agencies. In addition to the government sector, some graduating students will join financial institutions such as Bloomberg and Credit Suisse as consultants.

Even though bright futures lie ahead, fond memories will make for a bittersweet depart. Devika says she will always remember painting The Fence with her fellow classmates, and both she and Anand will miss late night socializing at the INI kitchen and pool table.

"It's like we're one big family!" Devika explained. "I think the INI building was kind of like a second home for all of us; I'm going to miss the people and the facilities so much."