2012 Student Awards

May 21, 2012

At the diploma ceremony, the Information Networking Institute (INI) proudly presents student awards in recognition of a select number of students who have particularly stood out. This year, the INI presented three awards and the Executive Women's Forum INI Fellowship.

The 2012 Pradeep K. Khosla Leadership Award was presented to Georges Chamcham for his outstanding leadership qualities. Nominated by Bill Nace in the College of Engineering and with a support letter from staff member Jessica Becker, not only was Chamcham a leader in the classroom, but he also made his mark as chair of the GOINI student organization and a member of the INI Alumni Leadership Council.

The Outstanding Student Services Awards are meant to recognize both a teaching assistant and a research assistant for exemplary performance. This year one teaching assistant and two research assistants were recognized. Nominated by David O'Hallaron in the College of Engineering and School of Computer Science for his excellent assistance for the Internet Services course, Kushal Dalmia received the 2012 Teaching Assistant award.

The two recipients of the Outstanding Student Service Award for a Research Assistant were Amal Krishnan and Daniel Votipka, who were both nominated by Nicolas Christin. Krishnan delivered excellent work to design software for monitoring computer user behavior that will be used to study people's attitudes toward Internet privacy and security threats. Votipka did a fantastic job of conducting research on Android forensics that developed into a master's thesis and two papers.

The EWF INI Fellowship was presented to Krystal Ying. The fellowship is sponsored by the INI and the executive recruitment firm, Alta Associates, and named after the Executive Women's Forum (EWF), a group of senior executive women in information security, risk management and privacy.

The other nominees for these awards are listed below in recognition of the excellent work they put forth during their time at the INI:

  • Chinmay Garde (Leadership Award nominee)
  • Juan Trujillo (Leadership Award nominee)
  • Jainam Shah (Teaching Assistant Award nominee)
  • Andrew Santell (Teaching Assistant Award nominee)
  • Nicholai de Guzman (Teaching Assistant Award nominee)
  • Astha Singhal (Teaching Assistant Award nominee)
  • Xiaoran Wang (Teaching Assistant Award nominee)
  • Shrikant Mether (Teaching Assistant Award nominee)
  • Alex Loria (Research Assistant Award nominee)

The INI congratulates these outstanding students on their accomplishments.