Data Privacy Day

January 27, 2012

With the expansion of the Internet into our everyday lives has come an increased risk that information could be misused, especially our personal data. Designed to raise awareness about privacy and promote education about best privacy practices, Data Privacy Day is an annual international celebration that will take place on Saturday, January 28 this year.

Data Privacy Day brings attention to how a person’s location, identity and actions are all tracked by the networks they use on a daily basis. To help make sure that this data is not misused, it is important to know and take part in privacy practices that protect your personal information. Stay safe by using trustworthy and reliable websites, be sure to understand the privacy policy of any sites that you submit your data on, and check the privacy settings of your web browser and any mobile devices you may use. Read more tips.

The topic of data privacy has inspired areas of research for some of Carnegie Mellon's faculty. Directed by Associate Professor Lorrie Cranor, the Cylab Usable Privacy and Security Laboratory (CUPS) works to bring together researchers working on a diverse set of projects related to understanding and improving the usability of privacy and security software and systems. CUPS also offers a doctoral training program. Some additional faculty members that focus some of their research on data privacy include Alessandro Acquisti, associate professor in information technology and public policy in the Heinz College, Anupam Datta, assistant research scientist in Carnegie Mellon CyLab and Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Ramayya Krishnan, dean of the Heinz College and Cooper Professor of Management Science and Information Systems.  

This Saturday, take a moment to educate yourself on privacy practices and make sure you have taken steps to protect your personal information. Check out the resources below for more information.

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