December Grads Say 'Farewell'

December 13, 2011

Although the diploma ceremony will not be held until May 2012, some INI students are already finishing up their requirements and setting sail into the 'real world' this month. Despite the challenging course load, these students charged ahead without taking their eyes off the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, due to their hard work, they are receiving some impressive job offers from organizations across the country.

The employers of some December graduates include Amazon, Adobe Systems, Cisco Systems, Lexmark, Ernst & Young and Zendesk. Examples of their position titles include Software Development Engineer, Sustaining Engineer and Senior Consultant.

The INI sponsored a night of celebration for the graduating bicoastal students at CMU's Silicon Valley campus, who met for dinner with their classmates. In Pittsburgh, students celebrated at the INI holiday party, as well as set aside time between finals and projects to meet up with friends.

The newest alumni are encouraged to join the Alumni Group on Facebook to continue networking with the INI community in the future.

Pictured above: A group of INI's bicoastal MSIT students in Silicon Valley pose together during an evening out in honor of their last semester together.

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