INI Student Finds Success at Credit Suisse Internship

August 17, 2011

It is true that Credit Suisse is a world-leading financial services company. However, this does not mean that their job opportunities are purely in the finance track. Alex Loria, INI student in the Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN) program, is taking advantage of his interdisciplinary education at Carnegie Mellon and interning as a Summer IT Analyst at Credit Suisse's New York office.

Alex is working hard this summer to prove that behind every great business process of an organization there is someone analyzing the data requirements to make it possible. His duties mainly consist of data modeling and Structured Query Language (SQL) programming, both of which he had no previous experience before coming to Credit Suisse. However, Alex was a fast learner and now applies this knowledge to identify active servers for licensing for the company.

Learning these new skills and "seeing how data and its management is really such a critical asset to a firm such as Credit Suisse," are some of the rewarding aspects of this experience for Alex. However, the culture at Credit Suisse is what he found most admirable. Being able to meet and talk openly to people from different levels and backgrounds made the internship experience exceed his expectations.

Alex admits he was able to thrive in his internship position largely in part to his time at Carnegie Mellon. The courses he has taken greatly assisted him but most importantly, the tenacity and perseverance he built up while facing academic challenges made his workload much more manageable. For example, he states, "The time management skills that I picked up have been quite helpful in my work as I juggle attending meetings, attending intern events, completing project requirements, and socializing with my fellow interns and co-workers."

As far as a future career goes, the possibilities seem endless for Alex. He admits to having a melting pot of interests that range from robotics to mobility and security to database management, which is why he fits right in with Carnegie Mellon's interdisciplinary culture. "My internship has not necessarily helped me towards a career goal," he says. "But it has helped expose me to possible career goals."