INI Student Examines the Business Potential of Games for Bosch Internship

August 01, 2011

Luca Zoia, an INI student in the Master of Science in Information Technology-Information Security program, is interning at Bosch, at the Pittsburgh Research and Technology Center. Also having research offices near Stanford University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this worldwide Germany-based company specializes in high technology, reaching sales of over $63 billion in fiscal year 2010 in the areas of automotive and industrial technology, building technology and consumer products. This summer, Luca is helping Bosch explore opportunities in games mechanics and social networking.

Working as an Associate Research Scientist, Luca's duties deal with getting Bosch into a new area of business. He is currently researching and analyzing competitors and strategy development, along with major trends in IT, specifically gaming and social networks. Based on his research, Luca wants to be able to put together a possible plan for Bosch on how to best break into the genre of social gaming. His personal project is to present the company with a map and presentation that includes architecture from participating companies and possible gaming solutions.

"More specifically, I am working on how gaming mechanics could be used by Bosch to increase revenue and customer loyalty, and approach the emerging social networking market,” Luca explains.

Located right on Carson Street in Pittsburgh's South Side, this innovative company is full of smart and friendly people and helpful supervisors that assist Luca with his work. He is appreciative of the job's flexibility and the large amount of help he receives with the development of his project. In addition to this, Bosch sits directly on a public bus route and is surrounded by parking lots, with both food and drink a convenient stroll away. Luca also realizes the success he has been having this summer would not be possible without his educational experience thus far at the INI.

"My experience at CMU has helped me in managing my project," Luca says. "Correctly approaching the project and also presenting the results during staff meetings."

Luca's career goal is to work in Internet security, specifically in the area of identity and privacy in social networking. His internship with Bosch this summer is turning out to be the perfect fit to help him reach this goal.

Pictured above: Luca Zoia, middle, poses with his coworkers at Bosch in Pittsburgh.