INI Students Live the Google Experience

July 08, 2011

What do we do to find the number to a pizza place, the name of that attractive actor in the latest movie, or the date and time of the next hockey game? - we visit www.google.com. Considering that it is one of the most-visited websites in the world, this universal search engine company has come a long way since its founding in 1998. It's hard to imagine being one of the people behind the inner workings of this tech giant, but that's just what a few INI students are doing this summer. As summer interns, they get to pick projects based on their interests, and these projects have a tangible impact on the company.

Amal Krishnan, an INI student in the Master of Science in Information Security Technology and Management program, and Juan D. Trujillo, an INI student in the Master of Science in Information Technology-Mobility program, are both thrilled with their summer interning experience at the Google corporate headquarters.

Amal and Juan are both software engineering interns, but they work on separate projects. Amal, choosing to be a part of the security team, says this is the first time he has been exposed to such a great amount of technology.

"You get exposure to the latest and the greatest," he exclaims. "And the best part about Google is, as an intern, you share many of the same privileges as full-time employees; it's pretty amazing."

Juan, whose project for the summer is to work in the mobile domain by building an application programming interface (API) for testing automation of websites on mobile devices, agrees with Amal that one of the most rewarding aspects is getting to interact with unbelievably smart and enthusiastic people. As interns, they benefit from directly interacting with a large group of eager, top-notch engineers. "One of the co-founders hangs out on my floor a lot," Amal gushes. "I get to see him all the time as an intern!

"In addition to that, it's incredible just living the Google experience at this fantastic location," Juan says. "Enjoying the campus, the food and the weather."

Located in Mountain View, California, the 'Googleplex' sits in Silicon Valley. Like it's name suggests, Mountain View is named for its beautiful views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. In addition to the nature scenery, some other things you may find around the Google headquarters include swimming pools, volleyball courts, gyms and multiple bicycles to get around on.

However, like most worthwhile experiences in life, this opportunity did not come easily. Amal accredits a few of the courses he took at CMU for helping him through the grueling interviewing process. Juan also agrees that CMU is an integral part of the equation. "CMU's courses have provided me with the tools to engage in fascinating projects that are helping change the world the way Google proposes," he states.

Although working at Google fulfills lifelong dreams for both of these men, they each have additional aspirations. Juan is passionate about the mobile field and getting involved in entrepreneurial activities within it, and Amal has a long-term goal of starting his own security company.

With that being said, both Amal and Juan are thoroughly enjoying the atmosphere and playing an influential part behind the scenes at Google. To most of the world, it may just be a website we go to when we're craving take-out, but to those who work there, it's a whole different and wonderful Google experience.