An Internship to Cloud Your Thinking

June 27, 2011

These days, most people know the word 'cloud' doesn't just refer to a white, puffy object suspended above us in the sky. However, Georges Chamcham, an INI student pursuing a Master of Science in Information Networking, and all his co-workers at VMware are working to redefine what the cloud has to offer.

Chamcham is currently working as a summer intern for VMware, a global leader in virtualization technologies and cloud infrastructure, based in Palo Alto, California. So, what exactly is a 'cloud' from their perspective? A cloud is a way to offer companies the ability to run and manage workloads, such as applications and services, remotely and without having to worry about the underlying hardware. "The goal is to have everything in the cloud," Chamcham states.

More specifically, he is working as an intern on application virtualization in the ThinApp Prime Team at VMware. Chamcham and his co-workers have a 10-minute stand-up meeting, also called a SCRUM meeting, every morning to bring the rest of the group up to speed on what each of them has been doing, share problems and ask for help. For his project, Chamcham was assigned to do a light version of an existing project--a sort of 'home edition' for large companies.

"My task is to essentially strip down extra overhead and features," Chamcham states. "With the overall goal of making the product as compact and simple as possible."

Perhaps the most positive attribute of this task is its variety; while it involves a great deal of coding, there is a large research component as well. Chamcham is currently enjoying the challenge and applying the knowledge he has gained from the INI at Carnegie Mellon.

"My experience at CMU has helped me to think outside of the box," says Chamcham. "They've not only supplied me with the technical tools, but also with the knowledge of teamwork processes and how to approach a problem."

As for future aspirations, Chamcham has no big plan in mind, but he does know that VMware is an amazing company to work for that embodies a lot of the things he is interested in. Combining his hard work with perks such as playing a game on the company's own soccer field twice a week, the environment is fast paced yet not stressful.

"VMware is a very successful company that has grown to approximately 9,000 employees since 1998," Chamcham exclaims. "But the best part about it is that you can't see hierarchy among staff. No matter what their job title is, you can ask anyone for help."