2011 Student Awards

May 16, 2011

The Information Networking Institute proudly recognizes a select number of graduates each year during the diploma ceremony with student awards. This year, the INI presented three awards to four students.

The Outstanding Student Award for Teaching Assistant is awarded to a graduate student who has demonstrated exemplary performance and contribution as a teaching assistant. The 2011 winner is Anuja Gogate, who served as a teaching assistant for the Web Application Development course taught by Jeff Eppinger, in the School of Computer Science.

The Outstanding Student Award for Research Assistant is also awarded to a graduate student for exemplary work, as a research assistant. The 2011 winner is Dinesh Israni, for his work on the Perspectives Firefox Extension Project. He was nominated by faculty member Adrian Perrig.

The Pradeep K. Khosla Leadership Award is awarded to a graduate student who most noticeably demonstrates initiative, motivation, academic excellence and overall outstanding leadership qualities. The winner has an ability to balance scholarship with leadership and involvement.

In 2011, and for the first time, the INI recognized two winners of the Pradeep K. Khosla Leadership Award: Ryan Shaw and Hanan Hibshi. Shaw was nominated by his instructor Bill Nace, who said, "Ryan is a very technically adept student who often synthesizes information from multiple classes showing his deep academic skills."

Hibshi was nominated by her research advisor Lorrie Cranor, who described her as "highly motivated" with "a passion for research" and "the sort of student that other students often turn to for help."

The other students who were nominated for these awards also put forth excellent work during their time at the INI:

  • Hanan Hibshi (Research Assistant Award)
  • Tom Hobson (Leadership Award)
  • Anshul Jain (Teaching Assistant Award)
  • Lirida Kercelli (Leadership Award)
  • Vishal Patel (Research Assistant Award)
  • Abhishek Ramani (Teaching Assistant Award)
  • Kanupriya Tavri (Research Assistant, Leadership Award)
  • Prachi Wadekar (Leadership Award)

The INI congratulates all of these terrific students on their accomplishments.