WINI Donation Drive Connects Students with Community

June 16, 2010

In May, Women@INI (WINI) led a successful charity drive to collect clothes and household goods for Family Services of Western Pennsylvania. With wide participation from INI students, faculty and staff, WINI is able to donate hundreds of assorted items, ranging from men and women's casual and dress wear to electronics, office supplies and bedding. The charity event was part of WINI's ongoing efforts to 'give back to society' and connect INI students with the local community.

"This helped students at the INI understand how they, in their own little capacity, can help society," said Prachi Wadekar, WINI chair. "Charity events are an excellent way to step outside your coursework and schedules and connect with society, realizing your larger responsibility to do so."

The donation drive is just one of many charitable initiatives WINI has planned for the year, including partnering with the K.C. Mahindra Education Trust and Naandi Foundation's "Project Nanhi Kali," a fundraising program that provides education for underprivileged female children in India.

"The INI has always been dedicated to outreach initiatives," Wadekar said. "I'm sure WINI will continue the tradition of charity events for years to come."