CERT Podcast Discusses INI's Forensics Track

February 03, 2010

On February 2, 2010, CERT Podcast series aired "Computer and Network Forensics: A Master's Level Curriculum" to present a talk on the new computer forensics and incident response track that the INI recently began offering as an option for graduate students. The courses that are offered through the forensics track are taught by CERT faculty.

Please note, although the podcast mentions the forensics track as being offered through the Master of Science in Information Networking program, it is also offered as an option through the INI's Master of Science in Information Security Technology and Management program.

Listen to the Podcast.

CERT Podcast Executive Summary: Over the past five years, CERT's forensics team has been actively involved in real-world events and investigations as well as conducting applied research, developing guides and tools, and teaching. They came to realize that there was no academic institution that offered the education necessary for forensic analysts, network and system administrators, and law enforcement to address the forensic challenges they face when investigating sophisticated and constantly changing security incidents.

In this podcast, Kris Rush, a member of CERT's Forensics Team, discusses a new forensics and incident response track that is being offered through Carnegie Mellon’s Information Networking Institute. The five-course curriculum combines foundational concepts with actual forensics investigations. Students walk out the door with practical experience and concrete skills that they can apply immediately.

Pictured above: Jim Irving is a current MSISTM student pursuing studies in computer and network forensics.