Professor Develops New Web-Based Security Test Suite

    December 01, 2009

    Collin Jackson, an assistant research professor with the INI and CyLab at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley, has developed a new web-based security test suite in collaboration with Google and UC Berkeley.

    Browserscope, a community-driven project for profiling web browsers, tracks browser functionality and serves as a resource for web developers. This latest launch of a suite of security tests measure whether the browser supports JavaScript APIs that allow safe interactions between sites, and whether it follows industry best practices for blocking harmful interactions between sites.

    Jackson, an expert in the area of browser security and web applications, said "With the release of Browserscope security tests, we can provide a constructive metric for browser security that will change perception of web security as well as provide important information for web developers."

    “Browserscope was created to foster innovation by vendors by making it easy to compare functionality across browsers. It's also a great resource for web developers who want to know which browsers can provide the functionality they need,” said Jackson. “The Browserscope security tests are not there to tell you whether your browser is vulnerable to the latest buffer overflow exploit that's in the news. Rather, we're interested in long-term security improvements that can be adopted by all vendors and make the web a better platform for developing powerful web applications.”


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