WINI Hosts Breast Cancer Talk in Athens

November 19, 2009

Women@INI (WINI) organized a talk on the topic of breast cancer that took place Friday, November 13, for students at Athens Information Technology, the INI's partner in offering the Athens Master of Science in Information Networking (MSIN). The event presented the topic from three different perspectives with guests that included a doctor, therapist, and a breast cancer survivor.

Dr. Dimitrios Linos, a renowned surgeon, talked from the medical perspective. Dr. Linos is an Assistant Professor at Athens Medical School, Head of First Surgical Clinic ΥΓΕΙΑ Hospital, Consultant in Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital and Lecturer on Surgery at Harvard Medical School. The two other guest speakers were Mrs. Christiana Mitsi, Psychologist, MSc Psychotherapist and member of the Panhellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer, Alma Zois, and Mrs. Elia Kourenta who shared her first-hand experience in the battle against breast cancer.

"Dr. Linos had an exceptional and educative presentation, Mrs. Mitsi presented the prevention and inhibitive factors and Mrs. Kourenta taught us how to appreciate every moment that life gives us, and never to give up, to fight because only by participating in any battle we can be winners," said Laura Gavrilut, an INI alumna and member of WINI.

At the event WINI distributed informational leaflets, pink ribbons that represent breast cancer awareness, and small favors. They also presented gifts to the speakers and raffled off two WINI t-shirts.

WINI is a student-run organization that is committed to promoting and supporting the professional and academic goals of INI students. The goal of WINI is to create a nurturing and inspiring learning environment that promotes and celebrates gender and cultural equality and diversity, both within and beyond the INI. WINI is a global organization made up of students from the INI's master's degree programs in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Pictured above from left to right: Mrs. Christiana Mitsi, Mrs. Elia Kourenta, Ms. Laura Gavrilut and Ms. Vicky Theodoreli

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