Grace Hopper Celebration and Contest Winners

September 25, 2009

The INI is proud to announce the winning INI students of the essay contest to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC). An annual gathering of women in technology, this year's GHC takes place September 30 - October 3, 2009, in Tucson, Arizona.

Congratulations go to the following winners of the essay contest:

  • Bhavana Bajaj (MS20)
  • Paola Boettner (MS21)
  • Amrita Jain (MS20)
  • Lirida  Kercelli (MS21)
  • Twisha Shah (MS20)

The INI also wishes to recognize Tyelisa Shields (MS20), who will attend the conference through a scholarship provided by Intuit, a conference sponsor.

"After attending Grace Hopper last year, I signed up for the monthly newsletters, and one of them mentioned scholarship opportunities for GHC09," Tyelisa said. An essay contest winner in 2008, Tyelisa sought a scholarship outside the INI to avoid potentially taking an opportunity away from a fellow student.

The INI offers conference scholarships through the student-run organization, Women@INI. Last year's five essay contest winners who attended described the GHC as inspiring to their interests in technology and extremely helpful for networking.

The GHC is a program of the Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology. Co-founded by Dr. Anita Borg and Dr. Telle Whitney in 1994 and inspired by the legacy of Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, the GHC is the largest technical conference for women in computing, from industry, academia and government.


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