INI 2009 Job Stats

August 24, 2009

We are proud to report that our Class of 2009 graduates received the highest starting salaries in the College of Engineering and among the highest across Carnegie Mellon. The median salary was $85,000 for both MSIN and MSISTM graduates and the maximum salary was $102,000 for an MSISTM graduate and $100,000 for an MSIN graduate.

Here are a few more interesting facts from this year's graduating class from the INI:

  • Microsoft was the top employer, having hired eight INI graduates this year.
  • Apple hired four INI graduates, and several will work on the iPhone.
  • Seven INI graduates joined the financial industry in positions at Bloomberg, Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank.
  • Two INI graduates will enter doctoral programs at Carnegie Mellon's Electrical & Computer Engineering Department in CIT.
  • The Scholarship for Service graduates will go on to serve our nation at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, US Department of Defense, and the Software Engineering Institute.
  • The Pittsburgh region attracted several INI grads who will fulfill positions at Network Appliance and the Software Engineering Institute.

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