INI Students Engage in Sushi Wars

May 21, 2009

In May, Dena Haritos Tsamitis, INI Director, and Kari Gazdich, INI Director of Admissions, journeyed to Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan in Kobe where the INI offers the Kobe Master of Science in Information Networking - Information Security.

"The trip was necessary for administrative purposes, but the absolute highlight of my time in Kobe was spent with the students," said Haritos Tsamitis, who oversees the global INI programs in Portugal and Greece, as well as in Japan.

The Kobe MSIT-IS students gave the visitors a cultural tour of Kobe that included the harbor and earthquake memorial. The group walked along the Chinatown district.

To top off their time together, the students engaged Haritos Tsamitis and Gazdich in "Sushi Wars" at a local restaurant that served guests from a conveyor belt. The group ate 156 plates of colorful sushi dishes, from tiger shrimp to squid, the most prolific CyLab Japan dining experience to date.

"As expected, the courses are tough and demanding. Nevertheless, Kobe students can still experience the good things of Japan. The beautiful harbor is just a 10-minute walk away from school. If stressed out, a 5-minute walk to the tranquil Minatogawa shrine provides a refreshing break," said Johanna Crisostomo, a current Kobe MSIT-IS student (MS20).

Upon returning to Pittsburgh, the INI continued to share photos and comments about the memorable trip.

Chinatown visit Dining in Kobe