Scholarship Addresses Demand for Cybersecurity Pros

April 02, 2009

Highlighting the critical need for federal cybersecurity personnel, Government Computer News recently talked to participants of Scholarship for Service, or SFS, offered by the National Science Foundation and co-sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. The SFS program provides a full scholarship and stipend to students who pursue information security degrees at approved universities. By accepting the government assistance, they agree to work for a federal agency upon graduation in a year-for-year exchange for their time spent at school.

Carnegie Mellon offers two programs that meet SFS criteria: The INI's M.S. in Information Security Technology Management (MSISTM) and the Heinz College's M.S. in Information Security Policy and Management (MSISPM).

Mischel Kwon, a former SFS scholar, is now the director of US-CERT, where she leads a revered program that influences national policy.

"We're looking for technologists who can build better mousetraps. We're looking for analysts who can get to the real crux of the threat, and we're looking for writers who can articulate our geeking and beeping so that management, Congress, and the public can understand what we're talking about," said Mischel Kwon to Government Computer News. "With that in mind, there's a huge, critical demand for qualified people in the information assurance field."

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