GOINI Going Strong

November 03, 2008

Women@INI (WINI), the first student organization at the Information Networking Institute (INI), was formed in 2005 to promote and celebrate gender and cultural equality and diversity. Three years later, the second INI student organization sprung from an idea to create a group independent from the Electrical and Computer Engineering Graduate Organization (EGO). When INI students met with the EGO committee to discuss this move, they became energized about possible events that an INI graduate student organization could hold and about what goals it could accomplish. It wasn’t long before the MS19 class was voting for a president, secretary and treasurer of the new organization, and soon it began to host events for students.

The Graduate Organization @ INI (GOINI) was founded with goals to increase awareness of the INI, to strengthen bonds between students and alumni and to help current students feel more relaxed and comfortable during their time in the programs. The group still plans to collaborate with EGO to promote interaction between students inside and outside of the INI.

Additionally, GOINI holds social events every month. The organization has already hosted a farewell happy hour for the MS18 class, an ice cream social and a fall picnic. It also plans to host a Halloween ice cream social, a happy hour on November 21 and many more social events in the months to come, including socials, parties, meet-and-greets and luncheons.

“People have been enjoying the events a lot. We received quite a few thank you emails, and I think every event has been a success,” said Kalpana Chatnani, president of GOINI. “The MS19s are quite eager to participate in organizing the events and volunteered with the picnic as well.”

Looking forward, the group has a promising future at the INI. The organization was not only formed quickly because of the enthusiasm surrounding it, but it has successfully encouraged students to participate in its events since being founded. Most importantly, however, the students involved in GOINI strive to create stronger bonds between students that will last well beyond their time at the INI.