MySecureCyberspace Animation Educates and Entertains Future Voters

October 23, 2008

The Carnegie Cadets want you to make an informed decision this year during the presidential election. This team of superheroes from The MySecureCyberspace Game posted an "Election 2008" animation to teach interested citizens of all ages how to filter the vast political information provided on the Internet and other media in order to become wise voters. Although designed for children, the animation shows all web visitors how to form a clear picture of each candidate by explaining how to identify trustworthy facts from misinformation.

Misinformation, a term for incorrect or biased information that is read as factual, is among the many threats on the Internet that deter children and adults from a safe online environment. Through The MySecureCyberspace Game and the Carnegie Cyber Academy companion Web site, the Carnegie Cadets work towards the goal of teaching Internet safety and computer security in a safe, fun setting.

To access the Election 2008 animation, go to and click on Fun Stuff.

Created by Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute and Carnegie Mellon CyLab, the game and Web site are provided as part of the university's outreach project for cyber security awareness called MySecureCyberspace.

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