Tune In: Inside the INI

September 18, 2007

The INI recently added another easy and entertaining way to connect with the INI: podcasts. Inside the INI is a new series launching in fall 2007 about projects, initiatives and student life at the INI. The first program was released during the week of September 8 and features INI staff member Jennifer Burkett with recommendations on career development and relationship building.

Burkett is among three guests who will be featured on Inside the INI each semester. Rajeev Gandhi , Systems Engineer and academic advisor for the MSIN program, will share academic advice and discuss current research and development projects. Special programs will feature the Director of the INI, Dena Haritos Tsamitis, and apprise students and alumni of the state of the INI, similar to the town hall meetings with which many alumni are familiar.

"The podcast format offers a combination of new media and an abundance of readily available information that is appealing, and I believe it will strike a chord with our audience of students, alumni and partners, who are naturally inquisitive," said Tsamitis.

Also, Inside the INI will cover current issues throughout the school year, including an interview with Jennifer Church, Dean of Student Affairs , and a discussion with Carnegie Mellon library staff. Each podcast will be archived on the INI Web site so users, including students at the INI's international partner institutions, can access them at their convenience.

Heading up Inside the INI is George Klippel, Manager of Classroom Technology and Distributed Education Support, who produced similar media in a previous position at Case Western Reserve. In addition to conducting the interviews for Inside the INI, Klippel facilitates an online forum that allows users, who are primarily current INI students and alumni, to suggest topics for discussion.

"While Inside the INI might not address everyone's questions, listeners will come away from it informed. Listeners will gain insight and learn things about academics, industry and the university that they may not have known about otherwise," said Klippel.

The INI joins a growing list of other departments producing podcasts at Carnegie Mellon, including Computing Services , CERT and the Tepper School of Business .