INI Alumnus Jesse Schell Talks Games at the INI

February 16, 2007

As part of the INI seminar series, innovator Jesse Schell presented "Design of Online Games" to INI students on Friday, February 16 at the Distributed Education Center.

Jesse Schell got his start making networked games as an INI student in 1993, when he and three other students created the NVR system. For this talk, Jesse discussed the design issues and technical issues that arise when designing and building multiplayer networked games, including Toontown Online, on which Jesse was lead designer. Jesse talked about the possible future of online gaming, and how INI students could be a part of it.

Jesse is the CEO of Pittsburgh's largest videogame studio, Schell Games, and he is the former chairman of the International Game Developers Association. In 2004, he was named one of the world's Top 100 Young Innovators by Technology Review, MIT's magazine of innovation.