INI Construction Underway

February 12, 2007

In preparation for new programs in Portugal, the INI began construction in January on new distance learning facilities that will include new classrooms and the latest video conferencing technology. With sophisticated video and sound equipment, the new facilities will allow faculty and students to hold classes with their peers overseas with little disruption.

The new facilities will expand upon the same advanced technology at the INI Distributed Education Center (DEC) that has been instrumental to the success of the Athens MSIN and Japan MSIT-IS programs. Carnegie Mellon uses the INI DEC as a model for other video conferencing rooms on the university’s main campus.

“When you put this type of technology in place, you make a real connection from faculty to student, student to student, and faculty to faculty, without regard to international borders,” said George Klippel, Distributed Education Support Manager. “It’s a virtual classroom, but it’s fairly hands-on.”

The new facilities will include:

  • state of the art teaching conference room
  • multimedia production room
  • state of the art classroom to seat 55 students
  • 33-seat student computer lab 

The new classrooms and resources will be located on the A-level of the INI building, one level below the ground floor. Plans also include a new reception area, kitchen and restrooms. The first classes will be held in August 2007 to teach new students in the Aveiro MSIN and Lisbon MSIT-IS programs.

With the new facilities, the INI bolsters its commitment to global initiatives. An essential ingredient to the initiatives is to facilitate interaction between participants at international locations.

“When we talk about information technology and security, we’re talking about a global network,” said Dena Haritos Tsamitis, Director of INI and Director of CyLab Education, Training and Outreach. “Our programs must have a global reach, which is why distance learning facilities are so important.”