System Allows Blind to 'See' to Shop

August 08, 2006

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review recently featured an article about a Carnegie Mellon research project called Trinetra that aims to give blind people greater independence in their daily activities. To use the Trinetra system, blind users first scan an item at the grocery store with a bar code-reading pencil. The bar code information is then sent to a cell phone that retrieves the name of the item from a database and "speaks" it to the user. The project team also plans to use the system to allow users to track public transportation, starting with the Carnegie Mellon campus shuttle.

The Trinetra project is led by assistant professor of ECE Priya Narasimhan, and the project team includes INI alumnus Patrick Lanigan. The project was selected by Carnegie Mellon CyLab and the INI for funding through the Pennsylvania Cyber Security Commercialization Initiative (PaCSCI).

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