Director of the INI Appears on WQED

January 04, 2006

In a recent career-related episode of "Teens on Q," WQED interviewed Director of the INI Dena Haritos Tsamitis about how the INI is training the next generation of cybercrime fighters. To emphasize the importance of protecting computer systems from cybercriminals, Tsamitis said, “I think everybody’s heard about viruses and worms, but the key thing to remember is that our lives depend on computer systems. From the utility system to banking system, everything depends on this. And if the security is penetrated, then this has a direct impact on our economy.”

The program also interviewed INI graduates Vivek Chudgar, Chidozie Enyinna, and Elizabeth Schweinsberg about how they intend to use their INI degrees to stop cybercriminals.