The Many Ways to Make a Game

November 09, 2005

BusinessWeek Online reports on the Experimental Gameplay Project, developed in part by INI Multimedia Programmer Matt Kucic

"Sounds like the setup for a geeky joke: What do you get when four computer-programming grad students ponder gravity for seven days straight?

The answer: four bouncy video games. In reality, though, the foursome produced more than 50 highly original games in the course of one academic semester - roughly 10 weeks.

It's the true story of the Experimental Gameplay Project, the brainchild of four 2005 graduates of Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center master's program. Three are now employed by leading game developer Electronic Arts, and the fourth is developing a game at CMU to teach kids about Internet security. The lessons they learned in game-design innovation are worth passing on."