INI Students Explore Career Opportunities in Pittsburgh and New York

October 28, 2005

Information Networking Institute (INI) students go on to great things after they graduate, and the INI is committed to helping them get started on their career paths. As part of the INI's career services efforts, students had several opportunities recently to meet employers and investigate potential careers.

In conjunction with the Technical Opportunities Conference (TOC) on September 29, the INI offered several information sessions where INI students could learn about careers in the field of technology. Many of these events featured INI alumni who spoke to students about their experiences in their respective companies.

On October 20, students, faculty, and staff from the INI traveled to New York City as part of Carnegie Mellon's Network Nights series of networking events. These events, which will occur over the course of the year, bring CMU students to various cities around the country, giving them the chance to meet CMU alumni and potential employers in the area.

The INI prepared its students for the event with a Network Nights Information Session on October 6. At the information session, INI staff ran through the schedule of events for Network New York and instructed students in the protocol of networking events. At the end of the presentation, the INI offered a mock networking session where students could practice their newfound skills.

In addition to the CMU-sponsored networking reception at Network New York, the INI offered its own events to highlight the particular opportunities in New York that are available to its students.

These events included an INI-specific Happy Hour on October 20, where INI students were able to meet several INI alumni, including Bob Kenny (MS1), Steven Zupp (MS8), Rohyt Belani (MS12), Harit Patel (MS14), Pancham Gupta (MS15), Vikram Khemka (MS15), and Ishdeep Singh (MS15). "I thought meeting the alumni was the most useful thing," said MS17 Citlalli Solano-Leonce. "We were able to ask them about their experiences and how they got to where they are."

The following day, Belani, Patel, and Singh gave presentations to share their experiences in start-ups and product design and development. The alumni also spoke to students about the experience of moving to New York, complete with tips on how to navigate the subway.

INI students were given a glimpse of the broad range of careers available to graduates of the INI during on-site visits to Red Cliff Consulting and Morgan Stanley . Red Cliff Consulting offers elite proactive and reactive security services and education to many domestic and international clients. During the visit, INI alumnus Rohyt Belani and other Red Cliff employees shared stories about some of their projects and showed students what working at a start up is like. "Red Cliff was really interesting," says Solano-Leonce. "We got to ask a lot of questions and really get to know the company."

At Morgan Stanley, a world-class financial services firm, employees introduced students to the company and walked them through the application and training process for new employees. Several students expressed enthusiasm about seeing the inner workings of the Morgan Stanley network. "They took us by their data center and showed us the network map for all of New York," says MS17 Eric Toan. "I found that very fascinating."

The next Network Nights event will be Network Chicago with a reception at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra Hall on November 17. See the Network Chicago web site for more details.

On-Campus Information Sessions Hosted by INI Alumni
  • Sept. 22 - Goldman Sachs Mixer for Women Students in IS/CS/Engineering
  • Sept. 27 - Verizon Information Session - Gaurav Mehta (MS15)
  • Sept. 28 - General Motors Information Session - Ramy Asselin (MS14)
  • Sept. 28 - Verizon Workshop for Women
  • Sept. 28 - Bloomberg Information Session - Vikram Khemka (MS15)
  • Sept. 29 - Microsoft Information Session - Boris Jabes (MS15)
  • Sept. 29 - Qualcomm Information Session - Mike Spartz (MS6)
  • Sept. 29 - E&Y Security and Technology Solutions Information Session
  • Sept. 30 - Citadel Group - Gautam Sadhir (MS14)
Network Nights Schedule
  • October 20-21 - Network New York
  • November 17 - Network Chicago
  • January 11 - Network San Francisco
  • January 12 - Network Silicon Valley
  • February 1 - Network Pittsburgh