Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan 2005 Orientation

October 04, 2005

On September 6 orientation began for the first students of the Master of Science in Information Technology - Information Security program at Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan. A total of nine students entered the program, with representatives from Japan, Malaysia, and the United States.

Orientation began with a congratulatory ceremony attended by the students and the companies they work for. The highlight of the ceremony was a speech by Hyogo Prefecture Governor Toshizo Ido in which Ido spoke about the need for an information security institution such as CyLab Japan. "Based on the lessons and experiences that we had from the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Hyogo Prefecture places a top priority on the safety and security of its citizens," Ido said. "That is why we have decided to establish CyLab Japan." Governor Ido then personally presented each member of the incoming class with a gift of traditional Tachikui-yaki pottery.

Dena Haritos Tsamitis, Director of the INI, welcomed the new students to the INI family, and students had the opportunity to meet faculty and staff from both Carnegie Mellon CyLab and CyLab Japan. Two Carnegie Mellon faculty members, Nicolas Christin and Bill Knapp, will be teaching at CyLab Japan this year, while other Carnegie Mellon faculty members will be teaching classes from Pittsburgh via distance learning technologies. Other faculty members of CyLab Japan include Keiji Takeda and Davar Pishva. INI faculty member and CyLab Systems Scientist Tina Wong was also on hand for orientation. Wong is the faculty advisor for the MSIT-IS program.

Jared L. Cohon, President of Carnegie Mellon, sent words of congratulation to Governor Ido, saying "The creation of Carnegie Mellon CyLab Japan has truly been a highlight of our university's history. These students are the leaders of our future. With your continued support, they will carry on the Carnegie Mellon tradition of excellence and of finding unique ways to create innovations with impact in Japan, the United States, and all over the world."

Dean of the College of Engineering, Pradeep K. Khosla, also had congratulatory remarks for CyLab Japan: "On behalf of the College of Engineering and Carnegie Mellon CyLab, I would like to congratulate Governor Ido for having the vision to establish an educational institution that meets the demands of our global society and addresses the critical issue of information security. I wish the students great success in their studies, and I'm confident that their newly acquired skills and knowledge will have great impact on their companies, the Japanese business community, and the global business community at large."