Not Your Average International Classes Held at CMU

October 03, 2005

The Tartan Online reports on the INI's international programs and distributed education technology.

"It is 7:30 on a Wednesday night in a quiet lecture room in the new Collaborative Innovation Center. Some final audiovisual adjustments are made, and suddenly the large screen mounted on the wall in the front of the classroom blinks to life. Students slowly file in, setting up their laptops, organizing their notes, and preparing for class. On the screen, Japanese students are doing the same thing.

This is 14-845: Fundamentals of Computer and Telecommunication Networks, a graduate course taught in real time both at CMU and in Kobe, Japan. The course is one of several offered by the Information Networking Institute (INI), part of a master's program offered here in Pittsburgh and at the Hyogo Institute of Information Education Foundation in Kobe."