INI 15-Year Celebration

April 14, 2005

Carnegie Mellon's Information Networking Institute (INI) celebrated 15 years of innovation and excellence in education on April 14, 2005. The institute was created in 1989 as a cooperative endeavor of the College of Engineering , the School of Computer Science , the Heinz School  and the Tepper School of Business .
Under current Director Dena Haritos Tsamitis, the INI has expanded its programs, increased enrollment and outpaced the competition with a successful mix of internship programs in a variety of industry sectors, including telecommunications, cybersecurity and information technology.
At the celebration, Carnegie Mellon University announced that it will partner with i-SAFE America , a nonprofit foundation focused on making students cybersafe to expand outreach of MySecureCyberspace into i-SAFE's nationwide SAFE Schools Education Initiative and Outreach Campaign.