Students selected to receive $7,500 from the Phase-1 Pennsylvania Cybersecurity Commercialization Initiative (PaCSCI) award

January 31, 2005

INI student Suchit Mishra and ECE students Rajat Dhariwal and Vishal Chordia have been selected to receive the Phase-1 PaCSCI award in the amount of $7,500 for their project OmniPark. The project started as a class project in the Entrepreneurial Business Planning class in Fall 2004.

The program begins in the "Conceptual Phase" by facilitating proof-of-concept through small-scale project funding. Student project teams receive funding that can be used for purchase or lease of necessary hardware and/or software to create a functional product prototype.

Likewise, they may use funding to obtain commercial market study or market research data relevant to their product and market. Completed projects will be reviewed by the University; especially meritorious projects can be nominated by the University and become eligible to apply for Phase-2 funding.

The students are in the process of garnering a provisional patent for their project and are also participating in the MIT $50k business plan competition to be held in May 2005 (elimination rounds start February 25, 2005).