INI Seminar: Preston Mesick

Time: September 18, 2009 - 2:30 PM - 3:50 PM

Location: DEC@Henry


The INI welcomes Preston Mesick, a Quant Trader at Citigroup and an INI alumnus.

The INI Seminar takes place every Friday, 2:30 - 3:50 p.m. This week's seminar takes place at the Distributed Education Classroom at Henry Street (The INI Building).

Speaker: Preston Mesick presents "Creative Paths from INI, How I Became a Quant Trader at Citi"

Talk Abstract:

Throughout school, we are taught math for math class, computer science for science class, accounting for accounting class. We are taught that the only path from a technology degree is in technology, whether at a bank's IT department, a tech start-up, or as a technology consultant. I say, "redefine the paradigm." In computer science terms, school is a linked list and life is a tree. There is no one path that you have to follow. Make the decision about where you want to take your life at each node of the tree.  Life holds many more possibilities than most think.


Speaker Bio:

Before attending the INI at CMU, Preston Mesick completed a degree with distinction in Computer Engineering from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. During undergrad, he received a national scholarship from the newly created Department of Homeland Security in the wake of 9/11. Through an internship at Sandia National Labs, Preston began looking at top computer security schools across the nation, finding the INI program at CMU. During his years at the INI and due to its multidisciplinary nature, he was able to explore other exciting areas, namely quantitative finance. After graduating, Preston joined Citigroup in the Quantitative Trading and Analysis program and has worked in both foreign exchange high frequency market making and quantitative analysis of structured credit products.