CyLab Seminar: Andrew Moore

Time: May 11, 2009 - 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Location: DEC@CIC


We are pleased to announce Andrew Moore, CERT technical staff member, will be our guest speaker at the CyLab Seminar on Monday, May 11. He will be presenting "Inside Theft of Intellectual Property in Organizations: A Preliminary Model."

Please join us in the INI Distributed Education Center (DEC) on the Lobby level of the CIC building. Lunch will be provided.

Talk Abstract:

A study conducted by the CERT Program analyzed over 250 insider cyber crimes across U.S. critical infrastructure sectors. Follow-up work funded by CyLab involved detailed group modeling and analysis of 34 cases of insider theft of intellectual property. Insider theft of intellectual property includes incidents in which the insider’s primary goal is stealing confidential or proprietary information from the organization with the intent to use it for a business advantage. It does not include cases of theft of personally identifiable information for financial gain. In this talk I will describe general observations about and a system dynamics model of insider theft of intellectual property based on our empirical data and study findings.


Speaker Bio:

Andrew P. Moore is a senior member of the CERT technical staff. Moore explores ways to improve the security, survivability, and resiliency of enterprise systems through insider threat and defense modeling, incident processing and analysis, and architecture engineering and analysis. Before joining the SEI in 2000, he worked for the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) investigating high-assurance system development methods for the Navy. He has over twenty years’ experience developing and applying mission-critical system analysis methods and tools, leading to the transfer of critical technology to both industry and the military. Moore received his BA in Mathematics from the College of Wooster and MA in Computer Science from Duke University.

While at the NRL, Moore served as member of the U.S. Defense Science and Technology review (Information Technology TARA) panel on Information Assurance; the International Technical Cooperation Program, Joint Systems and Analysis Group on Safety-Critical Systems, (TTCP JSA-AG-4); and the Assurance Working Group of DARPA’s Information Assurance Program. He has served as principal investigator on numerous projects sponsored by NSA and DARPA. He has also served on numerous computer assurance and security conference program committees and working groups. Moore has published two book chapters and a wide variety of technical journal and conference papers. His research interests include computer and network attack modeling and analysis, IT management control analysis, survivable systems engineering, formal assurance techniques, and security risk management.