Porting File System Virtual Appliances to VMware

Time: May 1, 2009 - 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Location: CIC 2201


Presenter: Saurabh Shah

Advisor: Dr. Greg Ganger, Professor, ECE, CS; Director, PDL
Reader: Michael Abd-El-Malek, Doctoral Student, ECE

Developing and maintaining file system is difficult.  Most operating systems have a VFS (Virtual File System) layer that is supposed to insulate the OS from the file system implementation. But in reality, the VFS layer fails to fully insulate the file system due to a large number of dependencies to internal OS interfaces.  File System Virtual Appliances aims to reduce FS porting effort by leveraging virtual machines to decouple the OS in which the FS runs from the OS in which the user applications run.

The FSVA design and implementation was done using Xen as the VM platform. To facilitate widespread deployment of FSVAs, one of the design goals was to minimize the number of changes necessary for porting it to another Virtual Machine Monitor (VMM). In my talk I will discuss the VMware port of FSVA. I will describe in some detail what all changes I made to make FSVA work on the VMware hypervisor. And at the end of the presentation I will discuss the performance of FSVA over VMware hypervisor by giving you some evaluation results.