Apply Online  |  Application Deadline: February 1

Applicants are encouraged to send transcripts, mark sheets by courier (UPS, FedEX, DHL or other carriers) for tracking purposes and so receipt by the INI can be confirmed. Documents sent by regular postal service cannot be tracked if lost or misdirected and must be sent again.

Send check payments, transcripts and financial information to:

Direct Mail to the INI office:

Information Networking Institute
Admissions Committee
Carnegie Mellon University
4616 Henry St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3890


If using a courier service, include the INI main number, (412) 268-7195.

All applications and recommendations must be submitted online.

Admissions Policies

Deferral Policy

The INI does not allow admission deferrals. Each year applicants are reviewed and ranked with the current applicant pool. Students are accepted for admission into the program for a particular academic year and may not defer admission.

Applicant's Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all required information on the program application and to submit all requested supporting documents in the manner stated on the INI website or requested by the Admissions Staff.

An application may remain "Incomplete" if required documents are not received in the INI office or are not submitted in the proper manner. Applications not completed by the posted deadlines will remain incomplete.

The admissions staff makes every effort to assist applicants in completing their submission; however, the INI does not accept responsibility for documents that are missing or are improperly submitted resulting in an application remaining incomplete and un-reviewed.

Confidentiality of Communications

All information provided to students as a result of their application including subsequent correspondence is considered confidential and should not be communicated to other applicants. Please note that applicants are expected to comply with the confidentiality requirement as a condition of admission.