Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, electrical and computer engineering, information science, information systems, information technology or a related field with a minimum cumulative QPA of 3.0 or equivalent

  • Demonstrated analytical ability, including successful completion of undergraduate probability or statistics courses *

  • Coursework in data structures and demonstrated programming skills and experience with object-oriented programming (e.g., C++ or Java). Coursework or experience with C is also highly recommended

  • GRE General Test no more than five years old (Neither the GMAT nor the GRE Subject Test is accepted.)

  • TOEFL, no more than two years old, is required with applicants whose native language/mother tongue is not English; the IELTS is also accepted

  • Two or more years of relevant work experience is strongly preferred

* The second item can be compensated by appropriate professional/industrial experience to be judged by the admissions committee.

Submission Package

The application submission package must include the material listed below. For details regarding this material, go to Application Details.

To be considered for admission, you must submit the following documents:

  • A completed Online Application Form
  • Unofficial transcripts should be uploaded to the online application. Applicants should not upload WES reports; they are not accepted unless requested and will be deleted if uploaded. Admitted applicants who accept enrollment must be prepared to show Proof of Graduation from their undergraduate program. Proof includes final official transcripts and degree certificate and/or diploma submitted no later than the end of July in the manner requested by the INI. Proof of graduation is a condition of enrollment. Submission of an application serves as an agreement to meet this requirement. Failure to submit proof of graduation can result in termination of enrollment.
  • Applicants should not upload WES reports. They are not accepted unless requested by the INI.
  • Three letters of recommendation (online only)
  • Official GRE General Test scores
  • Official TOEFL scores for applicants whose native language/mother tongue is not English

Note: International applicants must include financial support information to show general ability to cover costs. A letter stating how costs will be covered is sufficient. No specific format or amount is required for the application process. Submission of this information may not be deferred until an admission decision is rendered. This is not part of the I-20 process, but for INI internal use only. If admitted, you will receive instructions on sending bank statements and other financial documents to obtain an I-20 or DS-2019 certificate.


If you have any questions or need help:

Information Networking Institute
Phone: (412) 268-7195
Fax:     (412) 268-7196